Software List (v0)

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some notable programs and websites that I personally use on a daily basis. This page won’t be updated, but I’ll try to publish new lists occasionally.


I’m currently running Qubes OS on my main computer, though I plan to switch back to Arch Linux at some point in the future.

Web Browser

Because of its freedom and openness, I use Firefox on both my computer and phone. Usually, I also keep Chromium for the rare instances when I need it. I also have TOR Browser for anything particularly sensitive.

I have a number of extensions:

  • Bitwarden
  • ClearURLs
  • Dark Reader
  • Decentraleyes
  • Facebook Container
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Mailvelope
  • New Tab Override (I have a custom homepage)
  • OverbiteWX
  • Privacy Badger
  • Stylus
  • Terms of Service; Didn’t Read
  • uBlock Origin
  • User-Agent Switcher and Manager


I generally use Signal for texting, preferably encrypted but often over basic SMS. For obvious reasons, my phone number isn’t public.

For email, I use ProtonMail (through its webmail interface), which I highly recommend. I also have a Gmail account that I use for some old and unimportant accounts, but I’m in the process of transitioning to PM entirely.

Mastodon is my primary form of traditional social media, but I also have an Instagram account, which I plan to delete soon. On my phone, I access Mastodon via Tusky.

I also use Discord for a few servers, such as the one for my FRC Team.


Reddit, which I access through Sync Pro, is my source for memes and technology-related news. For general news, I use an aggregator called Feedly.

My preferred source of video content is LBRY, but since only a few creators upload there, I also use Invidious (with youtube-dl), which provides a frontend for content uploaded to YouTube. On my phone, I use NewPipe for the same purpose. Unlike YouTube’s app or website, these respect privacy. I also have Netflix, Prime Video, and Patreon.

For music, I currently use Amazon Music. I plan to look into alternatives once my current subscription ends.


Leo Merch is hosted on Teespring.

For receiving payments I use PayPal and Ko-Fi, and I use the “standard” apps for my cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin Core).

Most of my shopping is done on Amazon.


Right now, I’m typing this into VSCode. Soon, I’ll sign the commit and push it to GitLab, where I store most of my personal projects. I have a GitHub profile, but I only use it for contributing to projects or organizations that haven’t yet moved to GitLab.


This website is hosted on Netlify (which I recommend for anyone looking for free static hosting) and pulled directly from the GitLab repo. The domain name is registered through Hover. If it had a backend, it would likely be hosted on Heroku with an AWS DynamoDB database.

The website itself is built with Hugo and uses the Hermin theme, my fork of Hermit.


OpenPGP encryption is built into ProtonMail, but for other OpenPGP tasks, I use GnuPG. I don’t use anything special for WKD (I manually copy the file there), and I pretty much push to whatever major keyservers I can find. As I mentioned previously, I almost always sign my Git commits.

While I have my reservations about Keybase being acquired by Zoom, I still have a profile there for cryptographic proofs of some of my accounts. I don’t use their other features, like chat and file sharing.

My password manager is Bitwarden, and I’d encourage everyone currently using something else to try it.

I use andOTP for 2FA. If you’re using Google/Microsoft Authenticator, you might want to consider it.

Misc Free Software

I use F-Droid instead of the Google Play Store whenever possible. I recently switched from Gboard to the privacy-focused AnySoftKeyboard.