Keybase + Zoom

You may have noticed that my Contact page has, for a while, had a link to my profile on a site called Keybase. If you don’t know, Keybase has a number of functions. Among them are end-to-end encrypted chat and file sharing, neither of which I use. I really only use it for verifying my identity on other sites - if you trust that my Keybase is really me, you can get cryptographic proof that some of my other profiles, such as Mastodon and even this website, are really me as well. That’s pretty cool, although usually them being listed on my Contact page is enough.

Anyway, Zoom just bought Keybase. We have yet to see exactly how this will affect either company, and it could be a good thing for both. If Keybase’s integrity as a security-focused platform is maintained, their partnership with Zoom might bring more attention and a wider userbase of more average people. That’s a good thing for the security community as a whole. Additionally, if Zoom is actually looking to increase their own program’s security, that would be a welcome change. However, given Zoom’s history, it’s worth waiting to see what direction they’ll take.

For now, my Contact page will still have a link to my Keybase profile, and I won’t delete my account like some Redditors just yet. However, that may change in the future if Keybase is negatively affected. As Keybase says in the article linked earlier, “Ultimately Keybase’s future is in Zoom’s hands, and we’ll see where that takes us.”