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I'm currently the lead programmer and technical director at FRC Team 6479. For robotics, I regularly work with Java and TypeScript, and most of my personal projects are written in Rust and Python, with LaTeX for school reports and such. As a fan of anything free, libre, and open source, I run Arch Linux as my primary OS (btw). I specifically use and promote software that protect users' privacy, especially projects like Signal that aim to bring privacy and encryption to wider audiences, although I'll always love more complicated systems like OpenPGP.

Aside from writing and consuming software, I spend some of my free time 3D printing interesting designs, some of which I sell (namely ID holders; you should be able to buy them here soon). I also really like custom mechanical keyboards; the one I built uses Sakurios from Zeal.


I've worked on code for various FRC robots, and I've had a major role in the design of multiple iterations of attendance trackers for my robotics team. As for personal projects, I have an ongoing quest to write programs that print the first thousand prime numbers in as many languages as possible. I also have a number of unfinished projects and small scripts, and I of course maintain this website.

about this website

The modern web is bloat, and this website is designed to resist that. As a result, it is built in plain HTML and CSS without JavaScript, and the single page fits in the magic 10 TCP packets (1.4kb). These properties make it really fast, even on slow connections. I also went with a pretty boring two-tone greyscale colour scheme because graphical design is hard.

The website uses a basic NGINX setup, and it runs on Oracle Cloud. Oracle's free tier is actually quite extensive, and it includes the low-spec VM that I'm currently using. At some point, I would like to self-host, but that adds quite a bit of complexity. A previous version was hosted on Netlify, which, while free, easy, and simple, was less fun than a more custom approach. The source code is automatically deployed from GitLab to the server by a basic and slightly hacky CI routine. As you may have noticed from the sidebar the source code is freely available under the AGPL, so in the unlikely event that you want to copy this you can (I would appreciate credit if you do, but it isn't required). Also, for some reason I decided to offer this website as a TOR hidden service, so you can browse my site anonymously from the TOR browser here.