Leo Wilson

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about me

I'm a programmer, Arch Linux user, and general nerd.

As programming lead for FRC Team 6479, I regularly program in Java and TypeScript, but I primarily use Rust, Python, and Go for person projects. When writing papers for school, I also use LaTeX.

Aside from writing and consuming software, I spend some of my free time 3D printing interesting designs, some of which I sell (namely cases for school IDs, which you should be able to buy here soon). I've also built a custom mechanical keyboard, among other things.




  • thousand primes – a project designed to help me learn the basics of more programming languages
  • this website – my personal portfolio, see the section below for technical details

This list is non-exhastive and doesn't include minor or unfinished projects.

this website

This website was built with the primary goals of simplicity and efficiency. As such, it does not use any JavaScript and it is entirely static. The HTML and CSS are bundled into a single page, and it weighs in well under 14kB. Naturally, the source code is freely available under the AGPL. Currently, everything is written manually, but I plan to create a minimal static site generator in the near future.

As for infrastructure, I'm currently using Oracle Cloud's free tier, which includes two small VMs. These are orchestrated together using a Kubernetes cluster (k3s, specifically). Currently, I'm only hosting my website, but in the future I'll experiment with other services like GitTea and an email server. Is Kubernetes overkill for a static site? Yes. But is it fun? Also yes.